**I HAVE BEEN HAVING SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THIS FORM. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK FROM ME WITHIN 24 HOURS, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL TO [email protected] SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE**                                                                                                            Please describe in as much detail what you are looking for. Feel free to upload pictures if you have any. In order to give you a quote I will need to know the size you want your sign to be, the style ie. framed plywood or wooden planks, stained and/or painted background and what you want it to say. Feel free to browse my gallery for style and color inspiration. (I do have more pictures in my social media than here in my Gallery)
Once I receive your order, I will get in touch with you to make sure I understand exactly what you want. When I am clear, and have received payment (through paypal or an etransfer) I will begin the design process. I will send you pictures of what I have designed on my computer to make sure you are completely happy before I make your sign. Once the product is complete, we will arrange for delivery/pickup somewhere in central Kelowna (I work out of  my home in North Glenmore).